Foreign Startups Launch in Japan


We provide start-up support for foreign venture companies looking to expand into Japan. Please feel free to contact us if you have any of the following concerns Our professionals with a wealth of experience in launching manufacturers and e-commerce businesses will be happy to assist you.

  • Want to expand into Japan, but do not have a channel
  • Unaware of Japanese business practices
  • Language and cultural barriers cannot be overcome.
  • We want to expand sales of our products, so we need you to develop a marketing strategy.

Also, if you are an overseas venture company that has already started in Japan but is not achieving the desired results, please feel free to contact us.

Areas of coverage

We provide total representation for the series of processes necessary for business success in Japan, complete by a single company.

  • Entry into the Japanese market, sales expansion, brand penetration
  • Business Management in Japan
  • Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Management of social media marketing initiatives
  • Management Consulting

Case Studies and Achievements

【DELL】Launched and established E-commerce

Client Name
Contents of response Launched the DELL Online Store in Japan. Responsible for overseeing sales and marketing.
Results From selling only over the phone, he popularized and established e-commerce.
At the same time, the company promoted B2B sales expansion and became the third largest PC manufacturer in Japan.

【】Expanding other product categories from books

Client Name
Contents of response In charge of books business – the only products carried at the time of launch. Successfully partnered with Japan’s largest publishers and distributors and contributes to the rapid growth of Amazon Japan.
Results Starting with books, the company expanded its product categories one after another.

【Crocs】Nearly doubled revenue in three years

Client Name
Contents of response The company has evolved from a sandal manufacturer to a casual footwear manufacturer. Responsible for wholesale sales, directly managed stores, and online store management.
Results Increased Japan’s share of the business to 15% of the global market and nearly doubled revenues in three years.
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