Corporate Advisory


Whether you are an overseas or Japanese company, please feel free to contact us if you have any of the following problems that may arise in the management of your company or in the continuation of your business.

  • The company’s direction is not set.
  • Company does not function as a single entity.
  • The president’s will does not permeate throughout the company
  • I want to motivate my employees more.

Areas of coverage

Please consult with us not only on the management side, but also on the important issues of recruiting and attracting customers as you develop your business.

  • Management Consulting
  • Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Sales Strategy Consulting
  • Organizational and human resources consulting
  • Overseas Entry and Exit Support
  • Cross-border sales support

Case Studies and Achievements

【IDEAL OF SWEDEN】Contribute to business development as GM

Client Name
Contents of response Appointed as a General Manager of Japan. Managed wholesale, e-commerce, and marketing including social media marketing.
Results Signed multiple distribution agreements and opened many doors including major consumer electronics stores, fashion retailers and lifestyle retailers. Opened doors and managed direct retailer accounts. Increased EC sales through own e-commerce site, Amazon, Rakuten and ZOZO.

【WAKUWAKU Corporation】General management support

Client Name
WAKUWAKU CorporationWAKUWAKU Corporation
Contents of response Launch of E-Commerce
Advisor on general management issues → Assume the role of outside director.
Results Business is expanding with the aim of IPO.

【TAAG Solutions】Contribute to business development as GM

Client Name
TAAG SolutionsTAAG Solutions
Contents of response Appointed as General Manager of Japan and APAC.
Contributed as an angel investor and management mentoring.
Results Winner of the New Startup Award in Germany. Received orders from many well-known major companies one after another.
TAAG Solutions
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